Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc

is a not-for-profit group set up last
century to promote Kiwi music.

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Saturday 10th February, 2018

On the music educational side of things,
is scheduled for May 2019.

Have a brilliant year full of music
and we’ll see you soon . . .

until Rippon


The team at Rippon believe that it is possible to run a successful festival while having a minimal impact on both the local and wider environment. In 2007 Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc implemented a Waste Minimisation Policy and continues to work alongside Wanaka Wastebusters, as we move closer to our eventual aim of zero waste.

It is vital we work with the Mills family to protect the vineyard and the land. Rippon is a biodynamic family-run vineyard that has been producing quality wines since the 1970s. To ensure the continued success of the event, we need the support and contribution of all festival-goers.

Our goal for Rippon 2014 is to achieve an 92% waste diversion rate. Here's what we are planning for the day, and hope you will support us in our goals.


The aim of the Rippon committee is to minimise waste and maximise recycling in all areas of the festival.
  • Use recycled products wherever possible.
  • No glass products to be sold.
  • Purchase products that have minimal packaging and can be recycled.
  • Encourage public to only bring recyclable items onsite.
  • Manage the waste stream by controlling what materials stallholders and festival-goers bring, use or sell on site.
  • Encourage whole site rubbish clear-ups throughout the event.
  • Request public thinks carefully about products they bring into the festival grounds.
  • Provide efficient, clearly labelled recycling facilities.
  • Communicate the waste minimisation policy to stallholders and festival-goers via website and info pamphlet.
  • Encourage the use of shared and public transport.
  • Encourage public feedback and evaluation to ensure improved planning for future events.