Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc

is a not-for-profit group set up last
century to promote Kiwi music.

Next festival: TUKI 2018

Saturday 10th February, 2018

On the music educational side of things,
is scheduled for May 2019.

Have a brilliant year full of music
and we’ll see you soon . . .

until Rippon

Rippon Vineyard is a very special piece of land which has been cared for and cherished by over four generations of the Mills family.

It is the same understanding which inspires all of us who live in Wanaka to remain here, to look after it, indeed to treasure it so that many more generations of locals and visitors alike can continue to take pleasure in its wonder.

No wonder... with a vista that stretches down symmetrical rows of graceful vines across the clear waters of Lake Wanaka, Ruby Island and the dramatic backdrop of the surrounding mountains, it is truly an inspiring vision.

Lois and the late Rolfe Mills were among Central Otago's earliest viticulture pioneers. Rolfe, who passed away in 2000, planted the first experimental range of vines in 1974; now Rippon Vineyard has been producing spectacular wines for over 15 years.

Today the Mills family continue to nurture and enrich the Rippon land. The core philosophy for Nick Mills as winegrower, is the applied theory of biodynamics in order to foster wines which are as accurate a reflection of their surroundings as possible.

Simon Cunliffe of The Christchurch Press enthuses, "There are so many names in Central Otago these days - names with gongs round their necks, fancy labels and multi-million dollar wineries. But sometimes it pays to go back to first principles. As the Rippon label puts it: 'Rippon - schist gravels, terminal moraine, clean air, crystal water, wildflowers, noble vines, hot days, cool nights. The family-run property is cared for as a diverse and dynamic whole, fostering wines that speak to us in earnest of their dreamscape surrounds.' Fine statements and a statement of identity and intent I'm more than happy to drink to".

To find out more about Rippon wine and the vineyard, click here.